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DentistFriendly, Knowledgeable & Competent Dentistry

With extensive training and experience in general and advanced dentistry, Dr. Giri Palani provides fully comprehensive dental care for you and all your family.

From tooth-colored fillings to the full dental implant procedure, every treatment is done thoroughly and right. Dr. Palani uses high-tech for greater precision, comfort and efficiency; such as his dental laser for making precise and fast-healing incisions in implant surgery, as well as to completely disinfect gums and speed healing.


High-Tech Aesthetic Dentistry

An artist and sculptor, Dr. Palani has a keen aesthetic eye for a beautiful, natural look, fitting your face and personality. Using state-of-the art equipment and procedures, he will create a restoration of teeth that is both fully functional and aesthetic.

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DentistA Doctor That Cares

Our patients repeatedly tell us how friendly Dr. Palani and our staff is. Many tell us that our friendliness and care helped them through extensive treatment.

Dr. Palani is genuinely interested in each of his patient’s well-being. He takes the time to answer any questions, listen to your concerns and explain procedures. He helps patients work out how they can get the dentistry they need, despite budgetary or scheduling obstacles.

Dr. Palani’s Comprehensive Approach

Dr. Palani takes a holistic approach to dentistry. Realizing that work done on the mouth affects the entire body, he takes steps to provide the safest and most compatible materials and procedures and looks out for the best interests of the patient.


His comprehensive approach has also led Dr. Palani to take considerable continuing and advanced training in all aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry. He firmly believes that being able to provide, in-house,  all or most of the care a patient needs is beneficial to the patient.
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Dentistry for the Mature Adult


An older adult wants to save and keep their teeth, or rebuild a smile that is aesthetic, but natural and durable. From treating severe gum disease to the full dental implant procedure, Dr. Palani has the training and experience to help anyone either keep or rebuild their teeth.

Dr. Palani’s training and experience includes a residency in which his focus was treating senior patients and patients with medical conditions, and also a fellowship program in advanced general dentistry focusing on Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry.

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