Mature Adult Dentistry in Palos Verdes

Dentistry for Mature Adults

If you’re over 55 and need a lot of dental work done to enhance or repair your smile… you’ve come to the right place!

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Treating dental conditions unique to mature adults

Dentistry for Mature Adults

Dr. Palani shows patient Alice the simplicity of getting a root canal.

Dr. Palani is uniquely qualified to work on the teeth of older adults. He has advanced training in all areas of dentistry that a mature adult might need. He completed a residency at Cedars Sinai Hospital in geriatric dentistry that extended to seniors who were medically compromised. He is especially experienced when it comes to performing full mouth reconstruction, custom dentures and implant procedures, making him a good choice for seniors in need of dental work.

Dr. Palani is also very qualified to assess all aspects of your oral health. This includes your teeth, gums, bite and jaw placement. He’ll conduct a comprehensive oral exam and listen very carefully to your concerns to make sure that your personalized treatment plan is precisely right for you.

Dr. Palani and his staff will do whatever it takes to put you at ease. They use the leading-edge technology to provide you with a very gentle experience, comfortable care and high-quality work.

Dentistry for Mature Adults

We’ll make sure you are comfortable throughout any major dental work.

Dentistry for Mature Adults

Alice loves showing off her new smile.

Who are candidates for Adult Dentistry?

Adults who are 55+ and:

  • Have put off dentistry for years and need a lot of treatment
  • Want complex dental work done by one doctor who has advanced skills
  • Want to ensure they’re receiving the treatment that is precisely right for them
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What problems can be treated with Adult Dentistry?

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