Our Comprehensive Approach


The comprehensive dental care we provide at Total Smile Care can change the lives of your family members.

Dr. Palani is committed to helping his patients achieve the utmost in their dental health and beauty. But he is also as equally committed to your good overall health.

His advanced training at some of the best medical facilities in the world gives him the knowledge that the mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. It enables you to chew, digest and speak. It can also harbor gum disease, which besides being the number-one cause of tooth loss can cause heart disease and diabetes.

That’s why Dr. Palani practices a holistic approach to dentistry, which acknowledges the close connection between dental health and medical health. He uses nontoxic materials like fillings free of mercury and nickel, and practices safe amalgam filling removal to ensure the least amount of toxic impact on your body. Throughout your treatment, he’ll work with you on supplements and other nutritional aids, such as probiotics to counter the effects of antibiotics, to ensure the best oral health and most support for your overall health.

The single source for all your dental needs

From oral surgery to cosmetic dentistry to root canals, Dr. Palani can handle your specific dental needs. And he’ll handle it gently, compassionately and safely. Discover more about our comprehensive restorative, cosmetic, preventive and general dental care. Click here

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